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Russian gas transiting Ukraine

Russian gas transiting Ukraine at record high

Russian gas transiting Ukraine to the EU has hit record high levels, almost 300 million cubic meters a day, Serhiy Makogon, director of Ukraine’s...
Cortec anti corrosion coatingvideo

Cortec water-based anti-corrosion coating

Cortec has introduced a new water-based anti-corrosion coating. The VpCI®-386 coating fights corrosion while maintaining a safe environment for plant employees free of hazardous...
Offshore oil shale slump

Offshore oil and shale slump to affect supply

Offshore oil production is expected to hit a peak in 2020 before joining the shale industry in a slump that could dramatically rewrite market...
South Sudan energy investment

Energy investment key to rebuilding South Sudan

South Sudan needs investment from the energy industry in the form of money and technology if the country is to rebuild and stabilize itself. That...
ExxonMobil Hungary Russian gas

Exxonmobil Israel talk Leviathan LNG export options

Exxonmobil is offering to build Israel a floating LNG gas-ship to export from the Leviathan gasfield and thus bypass Egypt's planned LNG export facility....