Poland Doubts Reasonableness of Resuming Russia’s Yamal-Europe Project

April 5, 2013

Prime reports that Poland doubts the reasonableness of resuming the construction of Russia-led Yamal-Europe-2 natural gas pipeline, Mikolaj Budzanowski, Polish Treasury Minister responsible for the fuel and energy complex, told reporters late on Wednesday, as cited by RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered domestic natural gas giant Gazprom to return to the development of the pipeline project in order to make the provision of gas to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary more reliable.

Budzanowski said that only Poland is able to make decisions on gas transportation via its territory and would not build a new gas transportation network merely because of a hint from Gazprom, the minister said.

Poland sees no sense in resuming the Yamal-Europe-2 project, as it has become engaged in a number of other gas projects, including the plan to domestically produce shale gas and the construction of its own liquefied natural gas terminal, which will be put in operation in 2014, in addition to other projects along the German and Czech border.

The Yamal-Europe-2 project is expected to be realized in 2018-2019 and have a capacity of 15 billion cubic meters.

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