July 12, 2011
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Turkmenistan Ready to Increase Gas Supplies to Russia

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov said his country was ready to increase its gas exports to Russia. According to RBK Daily, the main question is whether Gazprom wanted to increase it purchases of Turkenistan gas in light of the problems it is currently encountering with selling its own gas.
Berdymukhamedov said, "In the sphere of fuel and energy, Russia has been our partner for a long time and so based on existing bilateral agreement we are ready to increase the volume of Turkmenistan gas exported to Russia". H did not say how much Turkmenistan was prepared to increase export volumes.
Relations between the two countries in the fuel and energy sector became more complicated after an explosion on the Central Asia-Center-4 gas pipeline in the spring of last year. At that time, Turkmenistan accused Gazprom subsidiary Gazprom-export for the incident.
Supplies via the pipeline were only renewed in the beginning of 2010, when Gazprom agreed to buy 30 billion cubic meters of gas of Turkmenistan gas.
However, Turkmenistan continued to display a lack of loyalty to Russia, specifically in announcing it would build the East-West pipeline on its own without partners from Russia.
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