November 9, 2009
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Sudan Urges Petronas to Invest “More”

Reports out of Kuala Lumpur today have Sudan’s Undersecretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mutrif Siddig Ali urging the Malaysian company to invest more as at this time it was only maintaining its existing holdings in the country.

 "They (Petronas) are maintaining (existing operations)...but not expanding. They can double or triple profit if bold (enough) to expand their investment," he was quoted by Bernama.

 Petronas is active across the African continent with holdings in Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Niger, among many others. Sudan is the company’s single largest African oil and gas investment in the continent where it has interests in nine blocks, and is a partner in the GNPOC consortium which pumps a major portion of the country’s daily crude output.


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