November 21, 2008
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Enhanced Recovery

ROSING Debates Enhanced Recovery at Samara Event

With time, the problem of decline of the total reserves structure becomes extremely relevant. As they say, "the cream has been already skimmed off" the most of West Siberia and Uralo-Povolzhje oil and gas fields. The amount of non-operating wells in Russia by various estimates ranges from 32,000 to 40,000. These figures were provided by Vyacheslav Manyrin, the president of the Russian Association of Oil and Gas Engineers (ROSING) at the opening of the International Scientific-Engineering Conference "The Enhancement of Reservoir Recovery and Stimulation of Oil Production" held in Samara early in June.

Getting Oil Easier Out of Hard-to-Recover Reserves

Russian science is frequently accused of being out of touch with reality and "lingering behind" rather than being a "vanguard of progress" in the oil and gas industry. Fortunately, statements about lack of demand for Russian

Double Effect of Water Alternation Gas Technology

Sumbat Zakirov, author of the Water Alternating Gas (WAG) technology for enhanced recovery saw first hand how basic science becomes applied technology when he visited Gazprom Neft's principal production fields outside of Noyabrsk this winter. Oil&Gas; Eurasia joined Zakirov on his visit to cluster #104 of the Novogodneje field.

RITEK Develops a Steam-gas Generator Operating on Monopropellant for Production of High-viscous Oil and Bitumen

High-viscous oil and bitumen are not the most popular types of hydrocarbons at present; however, some countries select these hydrocarbons as an alternative to traditional crude oil and gas.


ROSING Conference Sets Emphasis on Oil Recovery

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