WellView Goes Bilingual: Peloton Rolls Out New Drilling Software Options

December 5, 2012

Now, it’s working even smarter. Russian WellView has become perfectly bilingual – Russian and English – to satisfy the needs of mixed-language teams at Peloton’s international Russian clients.

WellView is a complete well data management system that allows oil and gas companies to manage their data from request to drill, through abandonment. More than 100 companies world-wide use Peloton software which is marketed in English, Spanish and Chinese as well as Russian. But the only bilingual version is Russian/English reflecting Peloton’s understanding of the Russian market (and a big reason for the Canadian company’s success.)

“Our target for the bilingual software is international companies,” said Andrei Yefimenko, CIS Region Manager for Peloton in Moscow. Peloton has clients that buy only the Russian version, as well as international customers more likely to have mixed-language teams. This autumn, senior students at Gubkin Oil&Gas University in Moscow will also be using WellView software in laboratory simulations under a licensing agreement with Peloton. Such hands on training is preparing these drilling specialists for careers in a global oil industry.

Language is Much More than Just Words

If you’ve worked in a multi-language environment you know that it is one thing to speak a foreign language and something much different to be perfectly bilingual. Bilingual adults usually grew up speaking more than one language and they slide easily between cultures because they understand shades of meaning beyond just words. In the oil industry this culture gap is most obvious when a North American who thinks in “feet and inches” works with a Russian who measures in “meters and centimeters.”

“A Russian speaking rig supervisor can enter all his data in Russian,” Andrei Yefimenko, CIS Region Manager for Peloton explained. “The system feeds information into the database from the rig reports. Then the English speaking specialist can call up the data and see everything in English. “All reports are identical for Russian and English speaking users, except for report headers, which are native for the user. The software also converts the data and its presentation into a form to which the user is accustomed – metric or English measurements, for example. Any comments can also be presented in bilingual form, for example – drilling/bureniye,” he said. “So the Russian user can input data in metrics through the Russian language interface, and another can see the data in imperial units through the English language interface. The system makes the conversion. It’s like when you create a distinct user profile on the Internet, the software knows the profile of the user and presents the information in a user specific format.”

Peloton’s WellView provides advantages that will improve field data entry, data quality, access to data and integration to third party or internal databases and software. Peloton started developing WellView in 1991 and focused on well production operations/schematic well history and then expanded the program for drilling data management in 1997 to further complete the life cycle of the well. By using the program clients can lower training requirements