Tatneft is Developing Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Systems

January 23, 2014

Tatneft continues development of advanced technologies for the reservoir pressure maintenance system (RPM), aimed at reduction of energy consumption and improvement of production efficiency. Today they are focused on protection of the downhole equipment in injection wells against high pressure and corrosion, and also on the integrated optimization of the RPM processes.

222 new injection wells were put into operation in 2013. The technology of dual injection operation is introduced in 172 injection wells; since the start of the technology implementation, it has been used in 581 wells, which provided incremental production of 1,146.5 thousand tons of oil.

For protection of the downhole equipment in injection wells against high pressure and corrosion damage, Tatneft is realizing a program for the production string protection, as a part of which packers М1-Х are used in 500 injection wells.  In total, 5,761 injection wells of the company are equipped with packers of various designs, which is 59.1% of the active wells stock.

Corrosion-resistant tubing is used in injection wells of Tatneft with the aim of the corrosion protection of the oilfield equipment. In 2013, polymer-coated tubing was introduced in 382 injection wells for waste and formation water. From the beginning of the program realization, the polymer-coated tubing has been introduced in 6,665 injection wells for waste and formation water, which amounts to 87.6 % of the total injection wells stock.

To optimize energy consumption in the reservoir pressure maintenance system, in 2013 a pilot project was realized on operation of positive displacement pumps manufactured by КАМАТ and WEPUKO; additionally 5 pumping units of this type were introduced. In 2014, under-control (test) operation of energy-efficient plunger pumps will be continued.

Source: Tatneft