SST Has Launched Europe's Largest Manufacture of Heating Cables and Thermal Control Equipment

December 5, 2012

The new plant is Europe's largest manufacture of heating cables and thermal control equipment.

SST is a recognized Russian market supplier of electric-heating cables for industrial properties and residential and commercial buildings.
The company was founded in 1991 by experts of the Independent Design Bureau for Cable Industry. The founders of the company are design engineers with immense experience in cable designing for the Soviet aviation and space industries. Their factory-floor experience along with the engineering talent were the source for the company's impressing achievements.

SST's experts have patented a number of know-hows related to heating solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sector. The company's clients, representing the oil industry, have been successfully operating the unique skin-effect heating systems for all-length pipelines, as well as steel-armored cables and thermally conductive mastic compound.

SST offers its customers a full range of services: designing, furnishing and installation of end systems, commissioning, after-sale and warranty servicing.

The company's market diversity is unique both for Russian and global business practices. SST plays leading roles in three technology-oriented businesses, represented by certain trademarks.

"Teplomag" is a trademark representing heating systems for pipes and liquid products tanks, as well as instruments, accessories and equipment for oil and any oil products pipeline transportation in all environments, including hazardous areas. The "Teplomag" products fit a variety of oil and gas production environments from southern to Arctic zones. The "Teplomag" heating systems are used on oil, gas and water piping. Under this trademark SST annually manufacturers over 1,000 km of cables, covering about 42 percent of the Russian market.

The second business of the company is manufacture of electric-heating floors under "Teplolux" trademark. For the last 15 years of operation SST has marketed over 1,5 mln heating floor systems. At present, its share in the Russian market of cabled electric heating systems equals 48 percents.
The third SST's technology-oriented business is related to manufacture of the "Teplodor" and "Teploskat" ice-protection systems used to avoid icing formation on the roof of houses, as well as at open areas and building stairs. The company installed over 10,000 of such systems in our country and abroad.

The German manufacturer BARTEC, Europe's leading manufacturer of top-standard security systems, is SST's business partner. Joint collaboration of the two leading companies resulted in establishing a joint business focused on supply, installation and servicing of explosion-proof, high-reliability equipment all over Russia and the CIS countries.

Competitive advantages ensuring SST's success are the high quality of products, a focus on 100 percent satisfaction of customer needs, intimate knowledge of the market and its trends, fast delivery and guaranteed reliability of products (production reject rate is an all-time low at 0.007 percent!). Quality and reliability of SST systems do not affect their price: the company's products are 25-30 percent cheaper than similar competitive systems, but the products specifications are fully consistent with international requirements.

SST specialists continuously monitor installed heating systems, providing warranty and post-warranty services.

The company has its representative offices and dealers in 250 Russian and