Oil and Gas Industry Latest Tech Trends

25.08.2015 Transneft East Started Installing Components of a System to Monitor the ESPO Oil Pipeline in Areas with Increased Seismicity

Transneft East has started installing components of a system to evaluate the operability and integrity of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Oil Trunk Pipeline (ESPO OTP) in the areas where seismicity exceeds the magnitude of 6.

21.07.2015 Transneft Diascan Got a Patent for a New Method of Ultrasonic Inline Inspection

Transneft Diascan  has got exclusive rights to the “method of high definition ultrasonic thickness gauging” developed by the сompany’s professionals and successfully phased in.

07.03.2015 Pipe Producers Invest in Technology

ТМK,  ChTPZ and OMK executives respond to our questions in regard to technological advancements in pipe manufacturing.

07.03.2015 “Russian Size” Pipes Manufacturing Gains Momentum

The large-diameter pipes (LDP) sector has been the main driver behind the Russian pipe manufacturing industry’s growth in 2014.

25.11.2013 ROSENs New 20-inch Speed Control Tool Developed in Record Time

The intelligent inspection tool being loaded into the launcher trap in Sicily: The ROSEN Group succeeded in the Strait of Messina with a new 20-inch inspection tool especially designed for the energy infrastructure company Snam S.p.A.

11.11.2013 TDW Launches 6- and 30-inch Multiple Dataset Tool with SpirALL® MFL Technology

T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW), a global provider of pipeline services and equipment, recently launched two new diameters of its Multiple Dataset (MDS) inline inspection technology, 6- and 30-inch.

25.10.2013 Gazprom Developing Corrosion Protection System

Gazprom said on October 24 it hosted an industry-specific meeting including heads of the Company's subdivisions focused on corrosion protection.

17.10.2013 GE’s Smallworld Technology Reduces Pipeline Failures Due to Unstable Pressure Levels with New MAOP Calculator

GE (NYSE: GE) today launched its Smallworld Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) Calculator, enabling companies to calculate the MAOP for a line/loop of steel transmission pipelines for natural gas in a verifiable, traceable and complete method.

25.09.2013 French Firm To Open Flexible Pipe Plant In Brazil

France's Technip engineering group said Monday it will open a huge flexible pipe plant near Rio in December to meet demand ahead of exploitation of Brazil's huge offshore oil reserves.