"Keys" to Success. Inside Schlumberger's Abu Dhabi Training Center

October 10, 2011

gauges in CTU, about 20 additional parameters and graphs plus CT crew – all of this supervisor or engineer has to control precisely within 12 hours, days and nights, in difficult climate conditions. Obviously, not everyone able to keep so high level of concentration.

   Due to very limited timeline of the course, students facing massive of information. So for them just at this point coming understanding importance of prioritizing activities: ability to proper time management, concentration to achieve good result first time (what we call “Excellence in Execution”), understanding the importance of team work and ability to find own place and role in that team, where all efforts towards to final team’s result.

   Few words I would say about new-generation CT units – X11. Clearly understanding all difficulties and specifics of work on CT unit, management took decision few years ago to produce next generation CTU, utilizing all accumulated experience and engineering potential. In that type of CTU most of the routine operations controlling by “smart” electronics: conditions of all hydraulic and mechanical systems, CT weight and pipe movement control, all brake systems, spooling operations, control of hydraulic oil leaks , Blowout Preventers control, many more. Taking care and controlling routing operations on CTU, electronics “releases” CT operator, supervisor or field engineer to focus on well conditions to address each step of job execution on changes in well bore, related to specific treatment. There are about 20 of X-11 “electronic” coiled tubing units, and now they work in different countries on offshore platforms where cost of error is extremely high. Middle East & Asia Learning Center also has one of X-11 advance CT unit for specialized training courses. Proper operation of X-11 advanced CT unit requires deeper level of knowledge as basic trainings provided at Level 1 CT courses is not enough.  That’s why there were developed and provided specialized trainings for supervisors, CT operators, engineers and maintenance specialists.

    Often for some advanced technical courses MLC inviting of international experts, usually from the UK and the U.S.

   Our сompany is very dynamic in term of improvement. To evaluate and address all strong and weak points of training provided to students after course, there is a mandatory feedback questionnaire from each student with evaluation score for quality of each training topic.

   Due to massive information study facing on the course, high load, inability to manage stress and different graduate systems, not all students capable to succeed in the course. It may be 100 percent of successfully trained and certified students, but it also could be few students who failed course at some stage.
On completion of the courses ex-students will work in different positions: some will continue to work and improve technical aspects and develop new technologies, another may become a part of management, others – to work as sales staff.

   No matter what and where ex-students do, we are working in same team, where final results are depends on each team member. And we