"Keys" to Success. Inside Schlumberger's Abu Dhabi Training Center

October 10, 2011

of courses already know the essentials of current training system at the Learning Center. Schlumberger provides a vast spectrum of services worldwide, and each of services at the MLC  is quite specific in terms of the way for providing technical courses. Training processes are built on business-oriented specific courses and topics, with specific timetables and training programs. The MLC students could be beginners with only few months of seniority and short pre-school or experienced professionals expanding level of knowledge as specialists (if so in one service) and generalists (if so in cross-segment training). Courses duration is also vary from one week to three months. All courses for beginners (Level 1) consist of practical training with hands-on training where practical sessions/exercises take no less than 50 percent of the overall courses’ timeline.  The number of students  at each course may also depend on service and vary from three to  up to 30 students.

   At the MLC, the Coiled Tubing Service is one of the most rapidly and continuously developing segments. Effectiveness, unique features and safe reliable operations of coiled tubing services are well-proven over time. Quite often some type of operations and services may be performed only with CT technologies, such as complex operations on highly deviated and horizontal live wells in combined treatments and real-time acquisition , well killing, flow-backing and kicking-offs, etc.

   The coiled tubing unit itself represents quite a complex equipment, where the main source of power is a hydraulic one. To improve the reliability of all CT unit components during the job execution, MLC plans for training of engineers and supervisors included a Basic Hydraulics training module with hands-on lab works and troubleshooting to identify the causes of element’s failure. Such course is absolutely essential in process of proper operation and maintenance of CT units on locations. Proper operation and maintenance of CT unit is especially important as units worked under extreme climate conditions of the U.S., Russia, UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries with similar environment. Currently all hydraulic modules in CT unit linked with electronics systems. Obviously the role of electronics increased drastically over last years and most of safety systems controlled by electronic systems. According to internal rules in Schlumberger, one of essential requirement is to have data acquisition and recording system running on location, during Coiled Tubing operations. The CoilCAT Integrated System* used for those purposes and installed on all CT units, nevertheless on country and operational conditions. On the main screen could be displayed up to 12 measuring and calculating parameters, depends on choice of Job Supervisor, Engineer or Client representative. The number of displayed parameters can be extended on additional screen and could be up to 50: CT weight, Circulating and Wellhead pressures, Annular pressures, CT speed, CT pipe conditions, voltage of on board battery etc.  Especially valuable are features of CoilCAT* of not only to display reading parameter, but has function of comparison with designed parameter.  Such features to display trends on graphs significantly improve overall