Jason Launches New 3D Interpretation Software

May 27, 2013

CGG announced that Jason, a CGG company specializing in seismic reservoir characterization software and services, has added a powerful new product, 3D Interpretation, to its reservoir characterization software suite. The new software helps asset appraisal and development teams achieve a more thorough and complete picture of their subsurface reservoirs. 

Reduced Cycle Time 
The 3D Interpretation application makes it easy for teams to build, refine and complete their structural, stratigraphic and rock property models without leaving the Jason suite. Interpreters can visualize all of their subsurface data including wells, horizons, faults, seismic and rock property volumes. Tight integration with Jason’s deterministic and geostatistical product suite streamlines customers’ quantitative interpretation (QI) efforts, letting them spend more time interpreting and less time moving data around. This promotes faster, smoother workflows and reduces operating costs.

High-Quality Results
3D Interpretation complements the quantitative analysis and risk reduction techniques clients have come to value from Jason. Interpreters are able to deliver more accurate and reliable results based on all available subsurface information. Within the Jason suite, QI teams can integrate structural, stratigraphic and rock property information into a detailed reservoir model, and then QC their results. This process helps asset teams reduce project risk by continuously improving the quality and reliability of their geologic models.

Improved Project Economics
High-quality 3D Interpretation, coupled with superior reservoir characterization technology, helps customers mitigate risk during field development planning. With the integrated suite of Jason products, oil companies are better able to select the best well locations. Ultimately, greater understanding and predictability of the subsurface helps customers maximize production while minimizing cost.

Sophie Zurquiyah, Senior Executive Vice President, Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir, CGG, said:  “3D Interpretation is another example of Jason’s commitment to developing software technology that meets paramount client concerns for efficiency, accuracy and usability while extending capability. This new tool leverages Jason’s traditional strength in inversion by adding integrated volume visualization and interpretation capabilities. Its launch also marks further progress in CGG’s strategy to expand its offering in the interpretation market and enable our clients to leverage better reservoir models from their seismic investments.”

Material Supplied by CGG Company