Interview with SPT AB General Manager Orlando Ramirez

March 24, 2012

   Among the SPT AB customers are both the bigger state-owned corporations and the smaller oilfield service companies. Equipment made by SPT AB has been used actively in projects to develop productive pools in oil-and-gas provinces on five continents and in more than 25 countries around the world. Our today’s talk is with Orlando Rene Ramirez, SPT AB General Manager.

OGE. How do you view today’s oilfield service market, particularly, that in Russia?
O.R.: Today’s world is developing at a very fast pace and what looked like new technology yesterday is something that’s left behind today. The older engineering decisions are being replaced with innovative technological solutions. The oilfield service market’s trend toward the introduction of high-performance methods and modernization keeps gathering pace rather than slowing down. In the tough conditions of annually increasing share of the difficult oil reserves, both drilling and producing companies pay more and more attention to technologies capable of ensuring higher yield rates of the respective hydrocarbon-bearing formations and making the investments justified. It is well known that drilling operations in such oilfields require greater capital outlays and, as a result, oil companies today set their sights on even more efficient methods of exploration and drilling. Today it is possible to bring back to productive life the older low-yielding wells, in particular, by drilling horizontal and directionally inclined holes in the already discovered formations. Lateral holes are drilled and special equipment is used for completing the offshoots. In the geophysical survey sector, there has been a real breakthrough in the field of gyroinclinometry, with the development of small-size telemetry systems that make it possible, within a very short space of time and with high accuracy and reliability, to predict possible borehole crooking in the process of drilling and to secure its real-time monitoring, while making detailed inspections of any particular section required. Our customers today are not so much interested in having a greater number of operating wells as they are more concerned with ensuring a higher quality of the earlier developed fields through the application of innovative high-performance technology.
The geographic coverage of our business activities is quite wide, with our equipment being successfully used for many years now around the world both by major international corporations operating in the oil-and-gas and mining sectors and by the smaller oilfield service companies. Since late 1990s, we have worked quite closely with our Russian customers and we can see their readiness to introduce advanced geophysical survey technology and to upgrade their engineering and technological solutions and to take risks. That is something that only the bigger and stronger players can do.

OGE: Please tell us more about the Stockholm Precision Tools AB own design developments. Just how technically-efficient and cost-beneficial are they when used in oil-and-gas exploration and drilling projects?  
O.P.: The volume of drilling operations today keeps growing, while production is declining, which is a pity. For the most part, only the bigger fields are being developed, while the smaller ones tend to be