GE Power Conversion Launches Ecomagination MV6 Series Medium-Voltage Drive

December 5, 2013

GE’s Power Conversion business (NYSE: GE) is amplifying its range of medium-voltage variable frequency drives with the addition of the ecomagination qualified MV6 Series. This mid-range general purpose unit is characterized by a versatility that will enable it to be used across a broad spectrum of industries.

The air-cooled MV6 Series uses a simple IGBT power stack architecture to achieve high reliability, availability and low cost of ownership. It extends coverage of markets currently served by the MV7000 and the soon-to-come MV4000. The MV6 Series is a great expansion in GE Power Conversion’s Medium-Voltage Drive portfolio.

GE’s Power Conversion business is aiming the new drive in particular at the expanding oil and gas industry as well as in other industries such as mining and power generation. The company sees opportunities in applications such as pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, centrifuges, turbines, extruder, and mixers.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) from GE regulate motor speed to control the flow and pressure of blowers or pumps without dampers or throttling valves. Because they manage power based on actual demand and use only the energy required by the driven equipment at any particular time, they provide valuable energy savings and produce no output waste. In addition, GE’s VFDs provide a soft start to the motors they reduce stress on driven load and help cut maintenance costs.

A key feature of the MV6 Series is that users have a choice of input rectifier. The drive can be fitted with either a 36-pulse diode front-end (DFE) or an active front-end (AFE), both of which provide clean harmonic input signatures. The DFE, with its integrated transformer, is easy to install and commission. It is ideal for applications that require only a two-quadrant motoring operation. The AFE is the best choice for applications that require motoring and regenerative breaking operations. Its transformer-less design provides very high efficiency (over 97.5 percent), reducing operating costs. In addition, it greatly reduces control room heat load, therefore requiring less space and air conditioning requirements. As one of the smallest and lightest drives on the market in this power range, it also is easier to transport and install and can be fitted to space-constrained needs.

Whatever the choice of input rectifier, the MV6 Series more than meets industry requirements for harmonic limits, without the need for external filters. It is compliant with the IEEE 519-1992 standard on harmonic limits.

The MV6 Series has a modular construction, with simple wire connections (three cables in, three cables out) for “plug and play.” In the unlikely event of a failure, a power module can be replaced quickly and easily. The MV6 Series utilizes rugged IGBT power modules that provide high reliability with a low life-cycle cost.

Source: GE