Emerson Provides Local Support for Enterprises in Azerbaijan Opening Service and Training Centers

By Elena Zhuk, December 5, 2013

The Grand Opening Ceremony of new Emerson office took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The new office encompasses Emerson Process Management and Emerson Network Power businesses and has not only threefold area expansion but also considerably increased training and service capabilities for local enterprises. Today, working in the office with an area of 900 sq. m. the company specialists will expand their responsibilities to ensuring quick local support, on-site expert consultations as well as staff training for enterprises in the region.

Emerson Process Management training center in the office will enable to train personnel of Azerbaijan companies on process management safety. Workshops, trainings, and educational programs will be held both at the office and on-site.

Apart from training, Emerson Process Management keeps strengthening its positions in service and customer support in Azerbaijan. Therefore, a dedicated service center was opened to support automated control systems. There are further plans to expand service capabilities of the office to provide maintenance for measurement and control instruments.

Emerson Process Management presence in Azerbaijan enables to support automation projects of whatever scale. In particular, the company implemented the project on a new offshore Western Chirag platform automation at the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli field as Main Automation Contractor. In order to ensure timely project commissioning and launch, the company involved some additional staff from various world areas and quickly sent 12 skilled specialists. Post go-live maintenance of control system efficiency is provided by the local support team. To that end, a full-time service team is available at Baku office. Emerson Process Management activity in Azerbaijan dates back to Emerson office establishment in 1997. For 16 years, the company has been consistently growing its business in the region. Over this time, the headcount has increased from four to thirty-five people.

The office will serve as a location not only for Emerson Process Management but for other Emerson businesses as well. Besides Industrial Automation business, Emerson Network Power staff dealing with  electrical equipment and data centers will also work in the office. In the coming years, Emerson will extend its service and training potential in the country.  The company plans to open a service center for valve repair along with support center for field exploration and modeling systems while doubling the headcount.

Source: Emerson