DeepWater Buoyancy delivers Flotation Technologies Marine Measurements and offshore oil & gas products

March 7, 2014

DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. has re-launched the reliable, time-tested oceanography/marine measurements line of syntactic foam ADCP buoys, StableMoor™ floats and trawl resistant bottom mounts (TRBMs) formerly manufactured by Flotation Technologies (Flotec), the company reported in a news release.

DeepWater Buoyancy opened their doors on January 1, 2014 after securing the designs and manufacturing rights to the Flotation Technologies line of oceanographic products.  This month, the company is shipping StableMoor™ buoys, ADCP buoys and a wide range of cable floats and custom parts.  Loyal customers have embraced the Flotation Technologies designs and DeepWater Buoyancy's ongoing investment in the manufacture and growth of these product lines.

"Teledyne RD Instruments and Flotation Technologies worked as industry partners for many years to ensure that the flotation products designed and manufactured by Flotation Technologies met or exceeded the demands of Teledyne RDI's ADCP customers," remarked Darryl Symonds, Director of Marine Measurements Product Lines for Teledyne RD Instruments.  "When Flotation Technologies' parent company chose to discontinue the manufacture of this line of oceanographic flotation, Teledyne RDI was pleased to learn that DeepWater Buoyancy had stepped in to take it over, continuing to supply flotation products to the oceanographic community.  We look forward to working with DeepWater Buoyancy as we strive to meet the needs of our collective customers."

DeepWater Buoyancy's reliable ADCP deployment products (former Flotation Technologies designs) have supported Teledyne instruments for survey and research clients around the world.  These syntactic foam buoys are now leaving the production line at DeepWater Buoyancy, manufactured to the same rigid standards and tested with the rigorous discipline customers have counted on for decades.  At extreme depths, valuable undersea data must be supported, protected and successfully retrieved.

Source, DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc., 2014