CGG Launches MULTIPULSE Airborne Survey Technology

October 15, 2013

CGG has launched MULTIPULSE™, an innovative new near-surface and deep-penetrating electromagnetic (EM) survey technique which increases resolution and bandwidth.

Improvements to near-surface resolution and depth of exploration are continuous goals for exploration customers engaged in geological mapping and mineral exploration. Previously, customers were forced to choose a system which had been optimally tuned to achieve one of these goals while sacrificing some capability in the other. The proprietary MULTIPULSE technology combines the benefits of the trusted CGG airborne time-domain EM products, HELITEM®, GEOTEM®, MEGATEM® and TEMPEST®, by offering both a high-power pulse (half-sine wave) for depth of exploration, and a lower-power pulse (square wave) for near-surface resolution; both within one cycle, providing the value of two exploration techniques in one pass. MULTIPULSE technology can be applied on either CGG fixed-wing or helicopter time-domain systems, offering customers a cost-effective option for regional projects and a premium option providing maximum spatial resolution.

Exploration customers can expect to benefit from the enhanced definition of near-surface layers e.g. palaeochannel mapping, oil sands and regolith characterization for engineering or agricultural applications as well as in mineral exploration for low-conductivity targets such as porphyry deposits, Sedimentary Exhalative deposits (SEDEX), Volcanic-associated Massive Sulphide (VMS) and Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) deposits.  In addition, better mapping of the weakly conductive alteration haloes around many deposit types can be obtained.

Source: CGG, 2013