From 0 to 100 in Ten Minutes: WINGAS and E.ON Bring Highly Efficient Natural Gas CHP Plant on Stream

October 18, 2013

Supply security is also a question of energy efficiency: Against this backdrop, today WINGAS and E.ON Energy Projects brought the new, highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Lubmin on stream. The CHP plant, located right at the landing terminal of the Nord Stream Baltic Sea pipeline, has a useful heat output of about 47 megawatts (MW) and an electrical output of about 39 MW. The plant generates up to 200,000 megawatt hours of electricity a year - enough to provide a secure supply for 50,000 households for a whole year.

The plant sets new standards in terms of decentral and flexible energy generation: a highly efficient gas turbine developed by Siemens is being deployed in Lubmin for the first time. It allows the plant to reach full load capacity in just ten minutes.

Lubmin, a central energy hub, offers ideal conditions for the construction of a natural gas-based CHP plant thanks to the existing infrastructure; the Baltic Sea pipeline delivers a reliable supply of natural gas right there. In addition, the waste heat generated in the gas turbine is used to reheat the gas, which cools down while traveling through the Baltic Sea pipeline, be-fore its onward transportation over land. With the combined generation of electricity and heat, the overall efficiency of the plant is over 85%. This means that the Lubmin CHP plant saves around 40,000 tons of CO2 a year compared to the separate generation of heat and electricity - that is as much as 13,000 cars a year.

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