Search for Unconventional

08.07.2014 Komarova to Restructure Yugra Based on Presidential Administration Recommendations

Regional governor Natalia Komarova has begun implementing “The 20-30 Strategy”.  Diversification of economy and transformation of “one-company towns” are on the agenda.

08.07.2014 Shell Holds To Shale Plans in Ukraine

Shell still intends to produce gas from compacted sand in Ukraine. Currently, work has reached the first, preparatory, stage – a baseline environment status evaluation of Yusovsky site.

09.04.2014 Chinese CNPC and Shell sign global cooperation agreements

On April 8, CNPC Chairman Zhou Jiping met with Shell CEO Ben van Beurden in Beijing. After a candid and friendly discussion, they signed Cooperation Documents between Shell and CNPC, CNPC’s press office said.

04.02.2014 Halliburton Announces Unconventional Resource Development Partnership with Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University

Halliburton has signed a partnership agreement with Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas for the development of unconventional resources in Russia, including the Bazhenov shale play, the company reported in a news release.

01.10.2013 Increasing North Africa’s Unconventional Sector Opportunities

With the North Africa Uncoventionals Seminar to be held for the first time in Tunisia, Radisav Vidic, Professor and Chair – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, offers advice on the development needed in the region to increase prof