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23.08.2013 Zarubezhneft Near Deal On Arctic Oil

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources this week informed that it has approved Zarubezhneft`s bid for status as eligible shelf operating company.

02.08.2013 Rosgeology Plans Technical Upgrades For Seismic Operations on Russian Shelf

During a recent visit to St. Petersburg, Rosgeology General Director Roman Panov said that Rosgeology plans to upgrade and re-equip its vessel fleet in order to better conduct geological surveys in Russian waters.

02.07.2013 Viking Introduces Dual-Approved Thermal Lifejacket

Following recent SOLAS approval, Viking has launched a new dual-approved thermal lifejacket that raises the bar for its competitors, the company reported in a news release.

14.06.2013 Oslo Eyes Drilling Near Arctic Sea Ice

Norway is set to permit offshore oil and gas exploration in Arctic waters vulnerable to sea ice, angering some opposition politicians and environmentalists who say ice sharply raises risks of accidents.

13.06.2013 Rosneft, ExxonMobil Finalize Arctic Research Center Agreements

Rosneft and ExxonMobil have signed final agreements establishing a joint Arctic Research Center (ARC) in Russia and an over-arching technology sharing agreement to support the companies’ joint ventures worldwide, Rosneft reported in a news release.

24.05.2013 Russia Seeks Arctic Energy Reconciliation

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources is taking efforts to overcome the growing conflict of interest between the two Russian state-controlled energy giants, Barents Observer reports.

16.05.2013 Arctic States Embrace Oil Safety

The Arctic Council reached a legal agreement that would govern procedures meant to respond to oil spills in arctic waters, UPI reports.

14.05.2013 Arctic Oil, Natural Gas Defined as U.S. Priority

Arctic territory off the northern coast of Alaska is a key element of U.S. national and energy security interests, a national plan states, UPI reports.

08.05.2013 Gazprom Expands Arctic Offshore Exploration

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev signed a new government decree, published May 3, that grants Gazprom exclusive development rights for four new offshore fields in Russia's sector of the Barents Sea.

06.05.2013 Preparing for Visit to Kirkenes, Medvedev Says Drill

The licenses to the Demidovsky, Medvezhii, Fersmanovsky and Ledovy fields are granted to Gazprom without tender, a government press release reads, according to Barents Observer.