Rig moves through Norwegian waters to Russian Arctic drillsite

June 17, 2014

The Romanian drilling rig GSP Saturn is shipped along the Norwegian coast towards the drill site in the Russian Pechora Sea.

The Chinese-registered Xia Zhi Yuan 6 heavy lift vessel could this weekend be seen moored in a fjord near the Norwegian Arctic town of Kirkenes after it had delivered the GSP Saturn to Russian operators.

Most likely, the rig is now placed near Murmansk, from where it will soon proceed to the Pechora Sea.

On its way eastwards, the Xia Zhi Yuan 6  on 11th June made a stop-over in the town of Vardø where it took on more manpower, newspaper Finnmarken reports. Before that, when based in the Dutch port of IJmujden preparing for departure, it was boarded by Greenpeace activists protesting against Arctic oil drilling.

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