Top Drive Manufacturers Bullish On Russian Operations

March 19, 2014

Oil&Gas Eurasia interviewed five leading top drive manufacturers operating in Russia regarding their products and drilling solutions, including solutions for horizontal drilling.

Oleg Fedorovskikh , managing director, Bentec LLC Drilling & Oilfield in Russia

Artyom Khoroshansky , general director, PromTekhInvest

Yuri Parnivoda , general director, Drillmec R

Geir Ingebretsen , drilling advisor, Aker Solutions

Ivan Serdyukov , drilling equipment sales manager, National Oilwell Varco

Which of your top drive products can be used for horizontal drilling?

Fedorovskikh: All of Bentec’s top drives are designed to drill horizontal wells. We have carried out already more than 10 horizontal drilling projects in Russia, Poland and Romania. 

Khoroshansky: All top drive systems manufactured by PromTekhInvest are suitable for horizontal drilling.

Parnivoda: Drillmec produces a wide range of hydraulic top drives. Our HTD-series top drives can be installed on almost any drilling rig for better performance in directional and horizontal drilling. Our top drives are supplied with an independent hydraulic power unit, control unit and a transportation frame. 

Ingebretsen: Aker Solutions has a large variety of top drives in its portfolio with lifting capacities ranging from 500 to 1,250 short tons and with a large span for torque and speed capacity. We also provide various drive motor configuration from hydraulic, AC and DC driven motors. All of Aker Solutions’ top drives can be used for directional/horizontal drilling

Serdyukov: National Oilwell Varco Company manufactures a wide range of top drives with varying load and use in different environments. Our top drives are used for drilling vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

What are the features and benefits of your top drives?

Fedorovskikh: Bentec’s top drives are tuned to the needs of our customers with 25 percent more torque drive than others and robustly and reliably built, reducing downtime and maintenance costs significantly.

 All of our top drives are AC-powered and developed for use as a portable or permanently installed unit for land or offshore applications. Тhey also come with a number of innovative features to significantly improve drilling results.

Driven by a variable frequency drive (VFD) control system for a wide range of torque and speed performance, our top drives have an integrated swivel, a special high safety link tilt system, remote and manual IBOP valves, a back-up clamp for making and breaking connections, a guide beam for drill torque reaction and an electrical service loop. 

Our top drive systems comply with the strictest standards for the drilling industry and are designed to conform with the European CE design and international API standards.

Bentec top drives are specially designed for rough conditions and less rig down time and are suitable for onshore or offshore rigs. We have 275-ton, 350-ton, 500-ton and 750-ton lifting capacities. Other unique features include:

  • Twice the link tilt capacity of competitors;
  • Temperature range: -45 C to +55 C;
  • Lowest possible noise emission;
  • HSE improvements/risk assessment;
  • Optional remote monitoring service.

Khoroshansky: Top drives are a fundamentally new type of drilling rig mechanisms that facilitate execution of