SPE Arctic and Extreme Environments Technical Conference and Exhibition AEE 2013

October 16, 2013

The 2nd SPE Arctic and Extreme Environments Technical Conference and Exhibition opened Tuesday as 1,047 attendees gathered to exchange views on developing the oil and gas industry’s last great frontier. The Plenary Session focused on cross border cooperation on sustainable development in the Arctic. Anthony Brenton, of Cambridge University and former UK Ambassador to Russia, noted that while studies suggest Arctic ice-free summers in 30 or more years, some scholars say it could happen as early as 2020.

Arctic development will impact Russia the most as it borders 50 percent of the territory soon to be open to hydrocarbon development. Five countries share the rest of the high north where 13 percent of the world’s unexplored oil reserves are believe to lay, and 30 percent of natural gas reserves.

Brenton noted that Russia’s swift resolution in 2010 of its boarder dispute with Norway demonstrates Moscow’s serious attitude toward opening its portion of the Arctic to development. But still unresolved is the question of whether the Lomonosov Ridge extends Russian sovereignty literally across the North Pole.

The Arctic melt also makes Russia’s Northern Sea route a serious option to deliver oil and LNG to China. Brenton noted that the first Chinese container ship to navigate the route arrived recently in Murmansk after a 35 journey, 13 days less than the time it would have taken via the Suez Canal.

Also on Tuesday, the SPE held its Awards Ceremony. Recipients were:

Regional Service Awards: Ahmed El-Battawy, Principal Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger; Renaud Gauchet, Geosciences Director, Total E&P; Eric Liron, First Vice President, Rosneft.

Regional Drilling Engineering Award: Andrey Kharitonov, Technical Manager, Baroid Fluids Solutions Eurasia, Halliburton.

Regional Completion Optimization and Technology Award: Eduard Muslimov, Wells Completion Division Head, Rosneft.

Regional Young Member Awards: Ali Nagiev, Development Engineer, BP; Sanzhar Zharkeshov, drilling engineer, North Caspian Drill Team, Exxonmobil

Regional Formation Evaluation Award: Viktor Petersilie, Advisor to the General Director of the All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute

Regional Management and Information Award: Gennady Sarkisov, Business Development Manager, Roxar Services AS

Regional Petroleum Engineering Faculty Award: Sergey Vorobyov, Associated Professor, Oil and gas Well Drilling Department, Samara State Technical University.

Regional Production and Operations Award: Warren Walhaug, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Shell

Distinguished Corporate Support: Tengizchevroil

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