Schneider Electric Considers Russia Number One Market in Terms of Equipment and Various Systems for Oil and Gas Industry

By Lada Ponomareva, October 16, 2013

Mikhail Cherkasov, Director, Oil and Gas Infrastructure BU at Schneider Electric talks to OGE on company's advanced automation and electric  equipment solutions. 

Oil and gas Eurasia : Mikhail, please elaborate – what does Schneider Electric do in the oil and gas industry, what solutions does it offer to the clients?

Mikhail Cherkasov : We offer several types of solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our main niche is electric equipment, as well as automation solutions. The company is also specializing in control systems and power supply systems for any type of oil and gas facilities. I would say that we are present at all stages, from production to refining. 

Conventionally, our operations can be divided into several blocks. First, as I said, it’s control systems and power supply systems, as well as technical and commercial metering of energy consumption.

The second, also a reasonably large block, is an integrated control systems for oil and gas pipelines. These are the so-called upper-level systems, that is, the systems for controlling the entire process of oil and gas transportation. The middle level is a level of business units. And finally, the third, “grass roots” level – this is oil pumping or compressor stations. 

For each level Schneider Electric offers across-the-board solutions. These include process automation, control of power supply to the facilities, as well as access and video surveillance systems, both facility-wide and for individual danger zones.

OGE: You named several blocks of specialization. What are the others?

Cherkasov: There is a third block that covers the Smart Field System, or as it is called in Russia, “Intellectual field” system. This system targets improving the production efficiency, as well as tracking and prevention of various emergencies.

The fourth block concerns servicing. This includes installation of the equipment, full technical support for our clients, and servicing offers across the entire range of Schneider Electric products. 

OGE: Are there any differences between Schneider Electric offers for “conventional” and for the remote fields? What solutions the company offers for remote regions?

Cherkasov: If we talk about the power supply in terms of power generation, then we do not do power generating equipment. We work with the already generated and delivered electricity, specializing in its distribution and all other issues in power supply network at the fields and other upstream facilities. All of the above systems may well be used in remote fields or at any other locations.

OGE: As far as I know, the company is going to participate in the “Yamal LNG” project?

Cherkasov: Let’s just say - we would like to join it. Currently we are preparing a proposal for the project. For the “Yamal LNG” our company has prepared a tailored field control system, from the well and right to the gas liquefaction plant. But the tender procedures aren’t over, so it is too early to talk about specific plans.

OGE: Please tell us about the work of Schneider Electric with large Russian companies, such