Russian section of energy bridge to Japan estimated at $5.5-6 billion

January 29, 2014

Russian section of the energy bridge between Sakhalin and Hokkaido prefecture in northern Japan was estimated at $5.5-6 billion, the governor of the Sakhalin Region in Russia’s Far East Alexander Khoroshavin told Itar-Tass on January 28.

He declined to name the precise terms of construction following the recent memo about multifaceted development of bilateral relations in energy, as they depend “on various factors”, both technological and legislative ones.

The idea of an energy bridge emerged in early 2000s, but “development was suspended for a number of reasons” and revisited in August 2012. According to Khoroshavin, Japan proposed energy interaction at the time when the country had difficulty supplying electricity following the Fukushima-1 disaster and a freeze of most of its nuclear power plants.

Khoroshavin cited four factors in favor of this ambitious project: modernization and construction of generation facilities and power lines on the island of Sakhalin, electric power connection between Sakhalin and Japan in La Prouse Strait, development of the necessary grid infrastructure in Hokkaido, and construction of electrical devices on the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu.

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