Rosgeologia to Set Up Single Information System for All to Access

October 25, 2013

Rosgeologia is going to set up a single geology exploration information system, which should make it possible to obtain up-to-date and exact geological and geophysical data for all extractive companies in Russia, the company has said.

The project to set up a single geology exploration system was launched about a month ago. It should make it possible to improve the structure of Russian geological exploration, Rosgeologia said.

“At the current stage, Rosegologia wants to set up an entirely new system to unify data from the national center Nedra, the research institute Geofizika, Ukrkutskgeofizika, the Krasnoyarsk gravimetric center and other subsidiaries of the holding. Later on, we plan to turn to Rosgeolfond and independent Russian geological exploration firms in order to collect all available data on geological exploration in one database. It is expected that everybody involved in the industry will receive access to it,” said the company.

Rosgeologia has not yet reported commercial terms of the project. At the current stage, it is financed by Rosgeologia, but the company does not rule out that other sources of financing may be attracted, Biznes Tass has reported.

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