Optimizing Choice of Horizontal Well Borehole Profile Design

By Pavel Korchagin, Alexander A. Okhotnikov, Alexander B. Okhotnikov , June 10, 2014


On the basis of these surveys the methodology for optimization of horizontal well borehole profiles has been developed for the first time in Russia. Proposed methodology includes a mathematical model for calculating optimized horizontal well borehole profile and the calculation on the basis of benchmark data, an array of profiles, within prescribed limitations. Choice of the optimum profile is done based on many factors, which can be divided into economic, time-related and technological. Выбор осущест-вляется посредством оригинальной программной системы. According to performance results achieved using this method it is possible to reduce the cost of horizontal wells drilling by 1 to 3 percent through the sole application of engineering solutions (without spending any funds).