LUKOIL and Weatherford Performed Casing Running Operations at Yuri Korchagin Field in Record-Breaking Time

By А. Ю. Валисевич, В. Ф. Звягин, Д. А. Приймаченко, А. А. Халов, Н. Н. Балака, August 16, 2013

Casing running operations to a target depth were performed in record-breaking time in a well No. 117 of Yui Korchagin field explored by an oil operating company LUKOIL.
The planned depth of 273 mm (10 ¾”) production string running was 3,130 meters with 1,565-meter horizontal displacement and 90° deviation angle. Circulation applied for difficult intervals helped to avoid any issues while running. The previous section, a 406-mm (16”) casing was run to the depth of 1,426 meters. Both application of Weatherford OverDrive™ TD-650M system and well-coordinated personnel work while running jobs made it possible.
Time factor is critical while casing running, as operations’ duration affects the wellbore integrity in open-hole sections. Time increase results in wellbore collapse, which can complicate running operations sufficiently. It can lead to additional expenses, both in time and money, caused by necessity of additional trips and well hole reaming.
At Yuri Korchagin field OverDrive system enabled increase by 70 percent in running speed of 406 mm (16”) casing, and by more than 20 percent – of 273 mm (10 ¾”) casing. Time saving amounted about 40 percent and 20 percent, respectively. In total, 14.5 operation hours have been saved.
OverDrive TD-650M considerably extends the application range of top drive, allowing not only drill pipes but also casing making up and rotating. Remote control of the system contributes to fewer personnel engaged in tripping, and eliminates the necessity of the derrick man. Besides, OverDrive system may also fully replace such traditional equipment for casing running as elevators, spider-elevators, power tongs, fill-up and circulation tool, pipe weight compensator, and it can also act as integrated safety system for all above-mentioned equipment.
Moreover, another distinct advantage of OverDrive system is a possibility to perform a few of synchronistic operations as follows: circulation, reciprocation, casing rotation and push-down. It is worth noting that the possibility of starting circulation immediately after making up of next pipe and running casing while circulating significantly reduces the possibility of differential sticking and essentially increases chances of successful casing setting to the planned depth even in high-deviated wells.