Chevron Obtains Permit To Look For Shale Gas In Romania

July 22, 2013

The AFP reports that Chevron has obtained permits to explore for shale gas in Eastern Romania, the Romanian environmental agency said on Friday, despite strong local opposition to hydrualic fracturing.

"The environment protection agency of Vaslui county, in north-eastern Romania, has delivered an environmental permit to Chevron to build exploration wells," the agency said. The permits will allow Chevron to prospect in three villages in this impoverished rural area.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Barlad in the last few months to say "no to shale gas".

In May, the company was granted permits to explore for shale gas on Romania's Black Sea coast.

Chevron maintains that all its activities "have, and will continue to be conducted in compliance with Romanian laws, EU (European Union) requirements and stringent industry standards."

Romania's centre-left coalition, in power since May 2012, had attacked the previous government's decision to grant Chevron and other oil groups concessions to prospect for shale gas.

But Ponta changed his opinion this year and said he was in favour of exploration.

Source : AFP, 2013.