Belarus Sees Lithuania as Alternative to Russian Gas Supplies

June 23, 2010
Belarus is reviewing the possibility of using the future liquified gas terminal which is being built in Lithuania, Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvidas Sekmokas said.
After meeting colleagues in Belarus with whom he discussed the idea of using the terminal when it is built, Sekmokas said, "Without any doubt we are ready to help, taking into consideration Belarussian interests. Consultations will continue".
The terminal in Lithuania is still being built, but Belarus is already interested in how pipeline will be laid and does not rule out the possibility of taking part in the project.
Sekmokas said in reply that his country remained concerned with a Belarussian decision to build a new nuclear power plant just 50 kilometers from the Lithuanian border and said that if Minsk found a different solution, then Vilnius would do its best to take into account Belarussian interests in terms of gas supplies from Lithuania.
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