Achinsky Refinery Starts to Make Euro 5 Fuel

November 8, 2013

The Achinsky oil refinery has begun to produce all high-octane petrols and diesel according to the Euro 5 standard. The first batches of petrol and diesel oil have reached retailers through the Rosneft wholesale network and other wholesalers, Rosneft’s press service said.
Achinsky has been ahead of schedule in the government-approved transition to European environmental standards. According to the technical regulations, Euro 3 petrol and diesel production is to be discontinued from January 1, 2015 and Euro 4 from January 2016.
Full transition of Achinsky to petrol and diesel of the top ecological class has become possible thanks to the measures to improve technology as well as due to the stage-by-stage implementation of Rosneft’s large-scale investment programme to modernize oil refineries. Achinsky started to make diesel fuels to the top ecological standards thanks to the launch of a hydrotreating unit and using a new catalyst at the diesel hydrotreating unit.
Source: Rosneft, 2013