December 5, 2008
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№ 4 (April 2008)

Notes from the PAS

 The first SAM Well Manager controllers were installed at Almetyevneft enterprises in one day in cooperation with Lufkin representatives after the assembly works at the well. Lufkin representatives made a detailed demonstration of the troller setup process, initial training and  on-site instruction

By Elena Zhuk

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Other сontrollers were setup by the production automation shop (PAS) workers independently. But it took more time to get more familiar with the new equipment.  Rustam Menekayev and Pert Dmitriev, the engineers, often had to be the whole day at the well site with other employees and study the capacities of the controllers, transfer the measurement units from the American system into the metric system, test the correlation of certain parameters and carry out different experiments.
Rustam Minazev, deputy head of PAS, recalls how he had to break the thinking pattern of the operators: “The common rule was that the jack pump was to be constantly operating. The operator is there – the jack pump is on. He switches it into manual mode, turns it on and leaves. But in this case the controller’s task becomes pointless. We had to do a lot of explanatory work, trained the technical staff, operators, shift managers”.

Today the shop assembles, commissions and services the controllers. “The main burden is, still, borne by the enterprise’s engineers who are to monitor the production process based on information provided by the controller. Our task is to provide reliable information,” says Rustam. Engineers and operators working in production and development of fields are assisted by two shop workers who serve the Almetyevneft enterprises stretched on 100 km within 50 km from Almetyevsk. TatASUneft, a structural division of Tatneft, is responsible for supply of information to the end users. The program complex ХS-POC is organized according to client-server technology; the company has a developed local network. The Russian version of XS-POC is 85 percent ready and the Lufkin representatives plan providing the full Russian software version in several months.

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