October 20, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Chewing the Fat on Greasing Business Relations with Salo

Pat Davis Szymczak

   This month I hope you’ll excuse my absence. I’m on vacation. But considering our Black Sea theme this issue, I thought I’d offer to repeat a missive I...

Main Article

Yokogawa New PLC FA-M3 Controller Speeds Past Competition

   Yokogawa is introducing the Russian market to the first programmable logic controller capable of both checking for errors and then correcting the error. At a client seminar in Moscow, Yokogawa Product Engineer Artem Pochuev told Oil&Gas Eurasia that the (PLC) FA-M3 differs from previous generations of controllers in that its operating speed has been increased several times over several times over without compromising other characteristics.

Featured Article

Gazprom Rethinks Shale as European Gas Prices Sink

Gazprom has admitted it might yet adjust its attitude towards shale gas, as Russian policy makers assess new dangers to the country’s petro-dollar economy. First, Russia’s Economic Ministry warned that the increasing supply of shale gas on world markets will start hurting Gazprom’s pipeline sales to Europe in 2014. And it seems Gazprom might now be weighing the pros and cons of jumping onto the shale gas bandwagon.

More Top Features

It’s End Times for Easy Hydrocarbons

   The time of “easy” hydrocarbons is over. No longer is it enough to simply “discover a field” and get a fountain of crude as was the case when the oil and gas industry was being established.

Natural Gas on the Black Sea Shelf: Will the EU Really Get It?

   Since the 1960s, developed countries have actively financed research into offshore oil extraction technologies. This has put exploration and drilling science about 10 years ahead of production science. However, the availability of onshore reserves delayed extensive interest in developing the offshore until the 1990s.

Ukraine Looks to Foreign Investors To Shake Russian Gas Dependence

   Few expected a breakthrough in the renegotiation of Ukraine’s burdensome gas contract with Russia when President Vladimir Putin met Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich in Yalta on July 12.

EAGE Promotes Basins Approach to Evaluate Offshore Reserves, Insure Sustainability

   In recent years, the quality of data gathered on Russia's shelf deposits is being regularly questioned. And given the country's dependency on oil and gas exports, the proper evaluation of future reserve, particularly those offshore, is a serious concern.

Oil Price Changes: Everyone Wants Stability

   The debt crisis in the Eurozone and signs of a new depression in the U.S. are controlling the oil market for the second month in a row and may continue to drive the economy in the near-term

Gas Gains Market Share Globally With Environmental Push for Cleaner Energy

   Natural gas is the third most important energy source worldwide accounting for 22 percent of primary energy consumption and this percentage is forecasted to grow significantly.

Oil Cavitation Treatment to Prevent Formation of Paraffin Deposits

   This technology is promoted by ROMANCAPITALINNOVATIONS Engineering Center, started up by ROMAN CAPITAL and Energomashavtomatika with the partcipation of Mendeleev Chemical Technology University and MIPT

High Cap Triple-Flow Vortex Tubes Perform Better in Komsomolskoye Field Case Study Using Stratified Flow Mixing Method

   Triple-flow vortex tubes (TVT) has become the technology of choice since the late 1990s in Russia for treating gas before transport. Whereas a typical double-flow design, separates cold and hot flows, TVT separates a third flow – that of gas condensate.

INCOMSYSTEM Expands the System Integration Horizons

   If you wish to create or save your competitive advantages, you should use the solutions implemented exactly for you. Therefore the first step on the way towards the effective solution is the selection of the reliable system integrator with the long-term experience in designing and implementation of industry-specific facilities and, obviously, with good reputation.

Fluid Concentrate to Eliminate Differential Sticking

   This article discusses the mechanism of differential pipe sticking and general principles of its elimination, laboratory tests and the results of field testing of a chemical agent developed for the elimination of differential sticking.

TMK Premium – Tough Connections for Tough Conditions

   As much of the world’s oil and gas development grows ever more complex due to increasingly challenging production environments, operators continue to seek tubular products that can meet the most stringent performance requirements.

Severneftegazprom Chooses Multilateral Subhorizontal Wells for Yuzhno-Russkoye Field

Severneftegazprom, the operator of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field, plans to increase production in 2012 by 1.4% to 26bn cubic meters of gas a year. The project capacity of the field is currently 25bn cubic meters.

Varel International and NewTech Services Open New PDC Drill Bits Plant

Varel International and NewTech Services have opened a Polycrystalline Diamond (PDC) Drill Bit manufacturing plant in Kurgan, Russia. The Varel-NTS plant is a joint venture between the two companies.

European Commission Could Fine Gazprom 10 Billion Euro

Gazprom could face a fine of 10bn Euros for violating anti-monopoly legislation in the EU and for abusing its monopoly position in Central and Eastern Europe. The main complaint from the European Commission, which has already begun an investigation into Gazprom, is that the Russian company intends to divide the gas market with the goal of complicating free deliveries of gas to EU countries as well as impeding diversification of sources of fuel and setting unfair prices for some clients.

Moscow Refinery Partners with Total to Cut Emissions by 90%

Gazprom Neft this week showed off its latest upgrade to the Moscow Refinery, part of a plant-modernization program that will cut air emissions by 90 percent in the nearby Kropotnya residential district. The project includes installation of enclosed cleaning equipment and a reconstructed bitumen unit using technology from French major Total to produce a high quality bitumen that makes roads last longer.

Russian Economic Growth Prospects Remain Tied To Oil

Despite the record high rise in oil prices in the past decade, Russian economic growth rates have varied only slightly, according to the IMF’s Senior Resident Representative to Russia, Odd Per Brekk. “Russia’s experience could be summed up as two intertwined problems. One is short-term instability and the other is sub-par economic growth over the long-term,” Brekk stated at a briefing held at the Association of European Businesses in Moscow on Monday.

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