August 22, 2012
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Editor's Letter

How are You Reaching Russia at Neftegaz 2012? Oil&Gas Eurasia can Raise Traffic to Your Stand!

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Neftegaz and the Russian Petroleum Congress are literally around the corner. If you’re putting a marketing budget together, I hope...

Main Article

Rosneft, ExxonMobil Announce Progress in Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Rosneft and ExxonMobil today signed agreements to implement a long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement concluded in August 2011 to jointly explore for and develop oil and natural gas in Russia and to share technology and expertise.

Featured Article

Mozyr Refinery Aims at European Standards

In December 2011, a diesel fuel hydrotreating plant was commissioned in Mozyr. The design capacity of the new facility in terms of raw hydrocarbons amounts to 3 million tons per year. In addition to the actual hydrotreating plant, the facility includes a steam condensate cleaning plant, district condensate station, a flare system and a monoethanolamine regeneration plant. A total of $208.4 million have been invested into the facility.

More Top Features

Head of VNIPIneft Talks on Deep Сonversion’s Role for Oil Industry

   Recently, oil refining in the world underwent radical changes. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, India  are actively building and commissioning new refining and petrochemical facilities.

Standards Developed by the “Standards TC 58” Find a Practical Application

   In 2011 Kazakhstan celebrated the 20th anniversary of its independence. In country’s economic independence, due recognition must be given to regulatory independence – forming the own regulatory system for products, services and processes used domestically.

The Caspian Sea: Ports, Tankers and Shipments

   The Caspian Sea is gradually developing into a major area of through shipments of hydrocarbons, even while, purely in terms of its transportation volumes, it is a long shot from those of the Black Sea.

Russia’s Oil Companies Make Plans for the Future

   For Russia’s oil producers, the 2011 has been the “overseas year” – there, they are actively acquiring.

Europe’s Shale Gas ‘Revolution’: Why Russia Is Shrugging Its Shoulders

   Poland last year unveiled designs not only to cast of its irksome energy dependence on Russia, but also to become a European energy exporter by making a drive for shale gas production starting in 2014. The European power is hoping to repeat the United States’ shale gas revolution after Poland published surveys that estimated it is sitting on colossal untapped gas deposits lodged in shale rock. Such reserves may extend throughout Europe. But Russian gas majors are coolly unperturbed by the grand vision to upset the status quo in Russia’s most lucrative market – and analysts in Moscow are skeptical too. 

Sedimentation and Hydrocarbon Systems Simulation in Regional Studies of Gazpromneft NTC

Gazprom neft’s development strategy includes a line on doubling oil production up to 100 million TOE by 2020.

Interview with SPT AB General Manager Orlando Ramirez

   The Swedish-based company Stockholm Precision Tools AB (SPT AB) holds a leading position on the international market for gyroscopic inclinometers used in oil-and-gas and mining sectors.

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