February 17, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Refined Product Shipments, ENI Support Bodes Well for Russia’s Return to Libya

Pat Davis Szymczak

   With a double dip recession “imminent” in the United States, a troubled Euro zone and another Russian winter on the way I’m...

Main Article

Turkey Strikes Oil, Gas Deal With Shell

Turkey has signed a deal with Royal Dutch Shell for energy exploration and production sharing in the Mediterranean and southeastern Anatolia. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız rejected suggestions that the deal was a response in retaliation to Greek Cypriot and Israeli oil exploration off the coast of Cyprus.

Featured Article

Nord Stream Brings Siberian Resources to Europe

Quite recently the most anticipated project of the world power industry has begun operating — the Nord Stream gas pipeline. On November 8, Russian gas supplies to Europe started. The project will help decrease Russia’s reliance on transit countries and provide stability and safety for gas deliveries. The Nord Stream pipeline runs along the seabed of the Baltic Sea, from Vyborg (Leningrad region) up to Greifswald (Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and connects Russian gas fields with European consumers.  

More Top Features

ExxonMobil in Right Place at Right Time Rosneft Trades a Share of the Arctic for Texas Shale and the Mexican Gulf

   Rosneft’s selection of ExxonMobil as a strategic partner in the Russian Arctic may have as much to do over the long term with Russian investment in the U.S. energy sector, as it does with the U.S. investment in Russia.

Russia’s Offshore – Challenges and Solutions RAO / CIS OFFSHORE 2011 Conference Roundup

   The world community’s concerns about securing energy resources result in a search for new energy sources and development of conventional hydrocarbon resources in hard-to-reach regions that in the first place include the Arctic.

SPE Arctic: AEE 2011 Moscow is Center Stage for Key Arctic Dialogue

   For those growing up during the Soviet times, "Arctic", was a popular brand of chocolate candy bar and television stories about the brave, bearded Soviet polar travelers who lived for months in these harsh conditions.

"Keys" to Success. Inside Schlumberger's Abu Dhabi Training Center

   To speak about Schlumberger as of recognized world leader in oilfield technology, it is important to remember who and how created and developed those technologies. Schlumberger takes very seriously the processes of personnel training and development.

Subsea Technology. Hydrocarbon Extraction as a Key Factor in Developing Resources of the Arctic Shelf

   The area of the Arctic shelf accommodating the oil and gas fields is characterized by harsh climatic conditions and severe ice conditions. Lack of work experience in such conditions presents a challenge to create a completely new technology for the field development, whereby for 90 percent of the prospective areas in the Arctic shelf, there are no proven technologies of production, construction and transportation.

Enhancing Equipment Reliability to Increase the Meantime between Failures of Sucker Rod Pumps

   TNK-BP’s SRP well stock currently comprises approximately 1,100 wells, yet their performance improvement is as important as that of ESP wells. To address this issue, the first step will be enhancing SRP reliability.

Chevron continues to engage with Russian companies on projects where it can add value based on its wide ranging arctic experience.

What are Chevron Arctic Center’s key focus areas?

   The Chevron Arctic Center is comprised of a multi-disciplined group of Arctic subject matter experts based in Calgary, Canada and provide engineering and operations support to Chevron’s global arctic activities.

Techmash Group – a 10-year long road

   TECHMASH Group turned ten in 2011. For the short-term history of the modern Russia, this is not a small thing but rather a considerable period, and it’s been 10 years now that the reliable "Ermak" caravans have been operating in the cold regions of the tundra and taiga.

CT Runs Twelfth Circuit

   The 12th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference took place in Moscow on September 14-16, in the conference hall of Hotel Aerostar. It was organized by the the Coiled Tubing Times Journal, The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) and its Russian representative CTTDC (Coiled Tubing Technologies Development Center).

Funing Hongda Petrochemical Machinery Co. Presents Innovative Technical Equipment for Russian Oil&Gas Sector

   Funing Hongda Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in1979, with 30 years experience in researching, developping and producing downhole tools. We are committed to providing customers with the best downhole operation services using economic and efficient means.

National Drilling Company LLC Choses Andvanced Technology

   The National Drilling Company was incorporated in October of 2002 to initially focus on implementing new oil production technologies. At that time MWD-systems with hydraulic communication channels to support the oil reservoir management had not been widely used in the Russian oil fields.

Salt Systems for Well Killing

   “To what extent does application of modern salt systems for well killing reduce the losses associated with repair and preventive maintenance on the oil or gas wells?”

New Approach to Purification of Kill Fluids

   In recent years, oil producers became more attentive to protection of pay zones against contamination during well servicing operations (WSO), in particular during well killing operations. To some extent, this was facilitated by the RF Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision, Enactment No. 71 dated 06.06.03, “On Approval of Mineral Resources Conservation Regulations”.

Bulgaria To Award Oil, Gas Exploration Rights in Black Sea Exclusive Economic Zone

The Bulgarian government has approved the launch of procedures for issuing an oil and gas prospecting and exploration permit at the Khan Asparuh 1-21 Block located in Bulgaria's Black Sea exclusive economic zone.

Wintershall, Gazprom Agree On Framework For Asset Swap

On October 28, 2011, a framework agreement which sets out the terms for the planned asset swap to further expand the successful cooperation was signed in Ludwigshafen by Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller and Dr. Kurt Bock, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE.

Russia's Gazprom Eyes LNG Trade Opportunities Offered by India

India is an "incredible" gas market where the significant domestic supply shortfall offers a huge opportunity for a portfolio LNG player such as Gazprom, Nigel Kuzemko, the global director of LNG development at the Russian state-owned company's trading arm said Tuesday.

Russia, Germany Inaugurate Nord Stream Pipeline

The Nord Stream Pipeline became operational today and was hailed by political and business leaders as making a significant contribution to Europe’s long-term energy security. German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Ministers of France François Fillon and the Netherlands Mark Rutte, and EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger today formally inaugurated the first of Nord Stream’s twin 1,224 kilometre gas pipelines through the Baltic Sea.

Severneftegazprom provides Siberian gas for Nord Stream

The Nord Stream gas pipeline, launched November 8 will help to decrease Russia's reliance on transit countries and provide stability and safety for gas deliveries.

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