May 9, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Rosneft Gets Access to U.S. Projects Out of Deal with Exxonmobil

Pat Davis Szymczak

   The biggest news to hit those who follow the Russian oil and gas industry this month is without a doubt the tie up between Rosneft and Exxonmobil. But my...

Main Article

ENI Says Elephant Field “A Mess”

ENI’s plans for a “quick recovery” in Libya just had a set back as an inspection of one of its main producing fields showed it has been virtually destroyed. In an interview with Reuters, ENI’s operations manager in Libya, Mustafa Abougfeefa, said Muammar Qaddafi’s loyalist troops destroyed everything at its Elephant Field.

Featured Article

“Prirazlomnaya” to Launch a “Drilling Campaign” on the Russian Arctic Shelf

   Late in August, the first ever offshore ice-resistant platform “Prirazlomnaya” was delivered to Prirazlomnoye  field in the Pechora sea. Drilling will start in the beginning of 2012. In the next several years Russian companies will need at least 20 more platforms of the same kind.

More Top Features

Through the Looking Glass The Study of Оbjects and Events at the Nanoscale Improves Oil Recovery Efficiency

   Over the past decades, the economic performance of many developed states has been governed by the net cost of oil and gas production and the volume of cost-efficient production reserves. Many states, fearing to face shortage of fossil fuels, switch to alternative energy such as bio-, wind power generation, etc., create electric cars.

Gasprom,RWE to Set Up a JV Germany Searching for Nuclear Energy Replacement, Gazprom Eager to Expand to European Power Sector

   Gazprom is taking full advantage of Germany’s decision to reduce using nuclear energy and actively working to enter the European power market. Gazprom has given a three-month carte blanche to German RWE to hold negotiations and possibly set up a joint venture in the European electric power sector.

Crude and Oil Products Exports from Russia: Long-Term Trends and Higher Priority Destinations

   Exports of crude oil and oil-products are the principal item of commodity shipments from Russia to international markets. Throughout its modern history, this country has been a major oil exporter, accounting for 12-14 percent of the international oil market. Against the background of stable domestic consumption, the net exports of crude and oil products have shown a steady growing trend due to increased domestic production.

Eyes to the Strong. Kazakhstan is Becoming More Attractive to Business Although Consumer Prices are Spiraling

   The improvement of national economies of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus by establishing a free trade zone similar to the EU has always been the main goal of the Customs Union, formed in August 2006 at the informal EurAsEC summit. In October the following year, the leaders of the three countries signed the Treaty forming a single customs territory, a Customs Union (CU), and Customs Union Commission, a single supra-national regulatory body.

Time to Tame Fortune? Russian Upstream Equipment Manufacturers are Trying to Get Attention from the State

   Without foreign manufacturers, it is impossible for Russia to complete its energy sector investment program; alone, the Russians will fail. The central idea of ​​Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, voiced at a recent meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Kirishi (Leningrad region) fully reflects this lamentable situation: “In terms of manufacturing equipment and technology, we have a serious problem in oil refining,” the minister complained to Putin at the meeting.

“Perekryvatel” Helps to Isolate Drilling Trouble Zones

   “Perekryvatel”, a part of “Systema-Servis” group, is the only Russian manufacturer of equipment for local strengthening of walls (OLKS) used to isolate drilling trouble zones. This equipment simplifies borehole routes and reduces the contingency costs, sometimes even helping to prevent the inevitable abandonment.

EP-H: Innovative PDC Cutters From China

   EP-H series of PDC cutters is the latest product designed by Henan Jingrui Superhard Material Co., Ltd. for oil and gas driling.

SP VIS-MOS Expands the Boundaries of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

   The underwater segment of the project entitled “The Inter-settlement Gas Pipeline From Vladivostok Gas Distributing Station to Natural Gas Consumers of Russkiy Island with a Branch to TEC-2 Power Station, Vladivostok, the Primorye Territory” was completed on 16 August 2011, in preparation for APEC-2012.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to be Used for Engineering Surveys on the Undersea Section of “South Stream” Pipeline

Interview with Alexander Arkhipov, First Deputy General Director for engineering

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