Canada installs SFC Energy hybrid power solutions


Simark Controls, a subsidiary of SFC Energy has received an order for turnkey EFOY Hybrid power solutions to provide reliable clean power in Canada’s Yoho National Park. Simark signed the contract with Okanagan Aggregates Ltd., a leading Western Canadian road and bridge construction & maintenance and land development contractor

• The weather-independent hybrid solutions with EFOY Pro fuel cells and solar modules deliver clean, reliable power to the LED lighting of the roadside brake check and chained off areas along the roads in Yoho.

• The fully automatic and remote-controlled systems are designed to provide 12+ months of autonomy, eliminating the need for costly trips to remote sites over the winter and simplifying site management logistics.

EFOY Hybrid power solutions are completely self-sufficient off-grid power sources for industrial applications. They are designed to provide fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance-free off-grid power even in the harshest environments and climates.

They are fully customizable to meet every off-grid application’s individual power requirements. EFOY Hybrid power solutions consist of SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells in combination with solar modules.

If inclement weather prevents the solar array from delivering sufficient power to maintain the batteries, the EFOY Pro fuel cell senses the voltage drop and automatically switches on, to replace the solar gap. This keeps the battery bank charged at all times, so the equipment always has 100% reliable power. Once the battery bank is recharged, the fuel cell returns to standby mode with no maintenance or user intervention required.

Source: Company Press Release


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