CorteCros opens manufacturing, laboratory facility at Croatian logistics center


CorteCros®, part of Cortec® Corporation Europe has expanded its warehouse location in Split, Croatia, with a new manufacturing facility and laboratory.

Cortec’s proprietary VpCI®/MCI® products are now manufactured in Split in accordance with REACH regulation, which enables them to be shipped everywhere inside the European Union in record time.

CorteCros’s new facility and lab are equipped with modern instruments and perform testing compliant to EU and ASTM standards. Each batch is tested on-site according to high standards which allow the company to provide valuable services to its customers.

CorteCros® also released a new updated brochure covering a broad range of new services.

The company provides integrated solutions and full technical support for Cortec’s products and services in southeastern Europe. CorteCros® offers product selection, application, and consulting services for corrosion prevention and collection of spilled oil derivatives and chemicals. Integrated corrosion protection services enable clients significant cost savings with environmentally responsible materials protection technology.

The brochure highlights the company’s full range of products and services while covering its brand-new production facility and laboratory that play an integral role in manufacturing Cortec’s corrosion control products

CorteCros’s team has over 20 years of experience protecting drilling and workover equipment. Its mission is to offer technical and logistics support to Cortec’s distribution network. Split, Croatia is the main European location for production, storage, and on-site testing of CorteCros® products. CorteCros® is focused on providing each customer with optimum corrosion control solutions to meet their needs.

The company provides services for all industries with extensive experience in military and oil and gas industries as well as package preservation. CorteCros® also provides environmental biotechnology solutions from Bionetix® International.


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